If you have a verified PayPal account you can do easy payment transactions online. Anyone in the online business or transaction process knows about PayPal. It is one of the best ways to send and receive money easily. Also, PayPal is getting so popular that now it is an essential option for many business people. You can choose other payment services like Payoneer, Payza, Neteller, or others. But PayPal is one of the best and trusted service providers to receive and send online payments among them. Though it is not available in some countries they are trying to permit access to all the regions of the world. But if you want to enjoy premium services from a PayPal account you must have a Verified PayPal account. You can buy a verified PayPal account or make it with proper documentation. Let’s see how to get a verified PayPal account easily and use it for any business purpose. 



How to Set Up a PayPal Account

If you want to make your PayPal account verified first you should set it up properly. It is a simple task setting up a PayPal account. With a properly verified account, users can make transactions on their local banks.  Also, business transactions and verifying other documentation can be possible with a PayPal account. 

Setting up a PayPal account is much easier. To initial set up you need an active bank account and fully functional debit/credit cards. Without these, you can not set up properly or you can not be accessible for further uses. Also, you need a verified email and user mobile number as user identification in the final setup process. 

Follow these step by steps guides to easily  get your PayPal account:

Step By Step Guide:  How to Set Up a PayPal Account 

So making a primary PayPal account is easy. It’s absolutely free to create your account for PayPal. Just add your personal details and verify your identity with your mail or phone number. Then you can successfully create your free account on PayPal. With a verified PayPal account you can send and receive money without any hassle and extra cost. But with a free account, you can not process your transaction without frees. Also, the payment can be blocked. If you have a verified account on PayPal you can use it for various uses. With the money on verified PayPal, you can use it to purchase things online or send money to others. Also, you can buy gift cards for online dealings. So a PayPal account with 100% verification can serve you so many benefits. 

So now you have opened your free account on PayPal. You need some information for proper setup on PayPal. To set up your PayPal account you have to include your bank details, debit or credit card, Photo ID, or other Identity cards. Do not submit any wrong information on your account. It can be risky for future account uses and lead you to an account rejection.  

Follow these easy steps to set up your PayPal account from the very beginning:

  • Go to PayPal’s official website and click on the Sign-Up button. You will get it from the right corner of the home page. 
  • Here you will find two options to choose your account types – Personal or business account. Select your types and click on Continue. 
  • On the next page, you have to submit your personal mobile number for an initial verification process. 
  • If you have completed your phone verification process now you will be asked for further personal information. Your name, your own email, and the password for your PayPal account. Submit all with proper confirmation and click on Continue to go forward with the application.  
  • Verify your account with the verification link from your submitted email address. You will get the link in the email inbox or spam folder. 
  • After the email verification, you have to submit your present address details and related information. Enter the details and click on the Continue button. 
  • There is an Optional Step. You can add your bank details by clicking on the “Get Started Button”. It will ask you to submit your card details and bank-related information. 
  • Check the terms and conditions. Read them carefully. You can agree or deny it according to your decision. You have to allow it for final setup confirmation. 

Bingo!! Your account is ready, Now you have set up your Paypal account properly. As PayPal offers users two different types of accounts, users can choose any option from that. It all depends on the interest and uses of the owner.  

Personal Account is for personal use. You can use it for sending or receiving money even for shopping online for the family. A business account provides some premium benefits but has some complicated features. Also, business accounts accept other bank debit or credit cards for more transactions. It can cover company profiles with multiple customer dealing and separate care issues. Big business companies can avail the PayPal Pro version for the best services. It can handle multiple user transactions and other account payments. PayPal offers PayPal Pro to optimize the business cash flow over the owners. 

How to Verify Your PayPal Account

A verified account from any platform can serve you some extra facilities. It is even a safety feature for long use. Thus it is a wise option to verify your PayPal account. Verifying a PayPal account is easy but sometimes much more complex. The verification process starts with the bank details submission. Your PayPal account will identify the details when you link your credit or debit card.  To link your card details, go to PayPal and click Pay and Get Paid.  Here you will get the Wallet section, select the Banks and Cards option from that. Select your bank and submit the cards that you are willing to verify with.  

You can verify your PayPal account with a bank account and debit/credit cards. But outside the USA you may need an international bank card for the transaction verification. So outside the US, it can be more complex to get your Verified PayPal account.

How to Get a Verified PayPal Account easily?

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Now you have all the detailed guides to have your own verified account from PayPal. You can have your active account by submitting all the legal documentation. Otherwise, you can buy it online from a trusted verified account service provider like Besthyiptemplate. Using PayPal is very easy, premium, and fully functional. It is a popular and most user accepted service with a big happy customer community. Take the opportunity and have your own PayPal account that is fully verified. You can make your transaction life easier with a verified account. Grab it now.